Timberline Lodge in Summer!

When staying at the Mt Hood Cabin visiting Timberline Lodge is a must.    This is a peak NW experience in the summer or winter at 6000′.  As you enter the lower main lobby you will find the first large stone fireplace and a small museum.  I would first watch the 30 minute video of how the lodge was built.  It really gives you a great perspective of what it took to create such an amazing place so high up with so much snow in the early 30’s.   It was built by hundreds of hands eager to work after months or years of unemployment in the 1930s. Ninety percent of the men and women who built and furnished the lodge were hired by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the federal agency created in 1933 to provide work for the hundreds of thousands of Americans idled by the Great Depression.

It was constructed and furnished by hand with original craft work in wood, wrought iron, weaving, applique, painting, mosaic, carved linoleum, and stained glass.  It is a living museum and houses a permanent, catalogued exhibition of American design, painting, and craft work.  It is a stunning mountain lodge for skiers, hikers, and nature lovers.

After watching the video and viewing the different historical artifacts you can actually take a tour and go places the normal public does not go.  The Guided tours are open Thursdays through Sundays at 11 am, 1 pm and at 2 pm. They are free.   For information  call 503-622-2033 or visit http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mthood/.

In winter you can of course ski.  As a matter of fact you can ski all year long as this ski resort has the longest season in North America.  In the summer months skiing and boarding takes place on the upper Palmer Glacier.  So either take a scenic chair lift ride with out your boards or take a ride to the top and make some summer turns.  We have had many summer guests ski in the morning and then in the afternoon head down to the Resort at the Mountain and play a round of golf in the afternoon.  What a place!

The main lobby is of course the main attraction with large timber beams and central stone fireplaces.  Sit, relax, read a book and make this space your living room for the afternoon.  Hiking is also very popular on the mountain whether you are climbing to the top (with a guide of course) or just venturing out for a few hours to witness some great wildflowers and wildlife.  You can also select your own adventure tour by booking a ranger to be your guide for the Timberline Lodge Tour, guided hike or for campfire talk. For further information, please call 503-622-2033

Right off the main lobby is the main dining room, The Cascade Dining Room.  We love the breakfast buffet with waffles, bacon, fruit, pastries…so much food you will not need to eat lunch.  Breakfast goes till 10AM.  Dinners in the dining room are tasty and elegant and well worth the high end price.  Why not, you are on vacation!  The wine list is extensive and they have many great Oregon microbrews on tap.  Dinner reservations are encouraged especially with larger parties.  Call 503-272-3104.

If you missed breakfast and want some lunch then head up to the 3rd level balcony and enjoy the Rams Head Bar.  This is an ideal location for a family–friendly atmosphere.  Savor their food and drinks amidst the beauty of the mountains.    There are other places to eat and drink on the premises like the Blue Ox Bar, Ice Axe Grill and WyEast Dining Room.  Depending on the season and time of day you will find these facilities open.  Call the lodge for detailed information.

You can plan to spend a few hours or make it a full day but do not miss this lodge attraction.  It is one of the most visited tourist places in Oregon with over 2 million visitors per year and you are only 18 mi from our cabin to the lodge.  The roads in summer are clear.  In winter you will need either traction tires and/or chains.  If you are renting a car make sure you request chains with your rental.  You never know what will happen in spring and fall.  The roads are always well cleared.  Just always be prepared for mountain driving and carry an emergency kit with you.

For more information about the lodge log onto  – http://www.timberlinelodge.com

Or call 503.272.3311 (general information)

When planning your trip to Mt Hood stay with us at our Mt Hood Log Cabin.  You can see pictures and video at http://www.greatnorthwestcabins.com or call us at 503-492-8783 for information and reservations.  We take visa or mc and dogs are welcome.